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Celebrating Two Years Serving Downtown Santa Cruz

This August, Arslans Turkish Street Food is celebrating two years of serving Downtown Santa Cruz residents and visitors. Since opening towards the end of the Covid pandemic, Arslans has continued to nourish and delight its customers by staying true to its Turkish and Santa Cruz roots.

To celebrate the milestone, the authentic Turkish street food restaurant is offering a deal on their best-selling wraps. From Sunday, August 6 through Wednesday, August 9, customers can get any two wraps for $20 for dine-in only.

“Turning two is a true milestone for us. Given the timing of Covid and the changes in Downtown Santa Cruz, celebrating two years is exciting and we’re happy to have our customers join us in the celebration,” states Marissa Arslan, co-owner of Arslans.

Arslans Turkish Street Food is owned by Yunus and Marissa Arslan. Yunus immigrated to the Bay Area in 2013, he craved authentic Turkish street food from his home in Gaziantep, the gastronomy capital of Turkey. To his surprise, traditional Turkish dishes like döner and red lentil kofte, so common across Europe, were much harder to find in California. To eat the food he grew up with and loved, Yunus needed to make it himself, so he opened a restaurant of his own to serve his favorite flavors to the community of Santa Cruz.

What does the future hold for Arslans? Now that the restaurant has a foundation, Arslans will be adding more decor to the front of the restaurant and inside, enhancing its brand and atmosphere. A parklet is planned for the fall once approved and built by the city of Santa Cruz.


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